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Top 5 Manufactured Home Myths

Affordable Homes of Crestview strives to create more informed homeowners who will build homes that they will thoroughly enjoy living in. As a home buyer, you want what’s best for your family and your finances. When you do your research on manufactured homes, you may discover that they are the best choice for your lifestyle and your budget.

Myth #1: Manufactured homes are inferior to site-built homes.

In reality, all manufactured homes are built to the highest standards and codes in every aspect of construction. Manufactured homes must pass a rigorous inspection process during construction by third party inspectors, unlike site-built homes. Florida’s comprehensive installation requirements are the most stringent in the country.

Affordable Homes of Crestview takes great pride in providing affordable quality manufactured housing built with both care and craftsmanship. We are also Energy Star Certified Partners for those wishing to upgrade their home’s energy efficiency. Learn more about the benefits of our Energy Star Package and how you can receive a Federal Energy Tax Credit with a certified Energy Star manufactured home.

Myth #2: Manufactured homes are unsafe.

A manufactured home may be the safest home you can buy for your family. They are built to withstand hurricane force winds and are half as likely to catch on fire as a site-built home. Affordable Homes of Crestview offers shingle roofing as well as metal roofing for your new manufactured home for increased time, money and energy savings in addition to increased storm protection.

Myth #3: Manufactured homes are difficult to insure & finance.

You can finance and insure a manufactured home just like any other home. In fact, insurance is readily available for manufactured homes from many well-known insurance companies. There are also plenty of lenders willing to finance manufactured homes, no matter if you wish to finance the home only or both the home and the land.

Myth #4: Manufactured homes are noticeably different.

Manufactured homes are made with the same materials as site-built homes, so they offer the same curb appeal as a site-built home. Your neighbors won’t be able to tell the difference between your manufactured home and any other home in the neighborhood. Affordable Homes of Crestview offers plenty of different floor plans and designs for manufactured homes, depending on your lifestyle and preferences.

Myth #5: Manufactured homes are not customizable.

When buying a new manufactured home, there is no need to settle for a classic cookie-cutter design. You have the option to add amenities to your home such as skylights, fireplaces, whirlpool bathtubs, outdoor decks, and more. If it can be built in a factory, then it can be added to your home. You have the power to make your home as “pre-fabulous” as you wish.

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