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Integrity, honesty and ethics guide our decisions on all levels, from individual employees to the company as a whole. At Affordable Homes of Crestview, a division of Ranch USA Homes, we not only do things right, we do the right things.

The American Dream of owning your own home is alive and well at Affordable Homes of Crestview. We would love to add your story to our growing list of deliriously happy home buyers! Please take a moment to share your experience and be certain to join us on Facebook!


We take pride in delivering exceptional service to our clients. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients are saying about us . . .

icon-quote-left Let me be the first to say that I am not always an easy person to deal with when it comes to making a purchasing decision, but I really appreciate all the patience that came from Brandon and the whole team at affordable homes. I’m not gonna go into along drawn out story but I will tell you our credit was not anywhere even close to where it needs to be and we like a lot of people are on a strict budget but through the affordable homes team and the grace of god we were able to make it a reality. Their patience and professionalism made this a much easier ordeal. Without them and most importantly god the owning of our new home would not have been possible. I would definitely recommend going to see them if your planning on purchasing a home in the future. Thank you Brandon and Randall. icon-quote-right

– Mark & Tammy Johnson via Google Reviews – March 2017-

Curious? Click here to see the gorgeous home Mark & Tammy got approved for!

icon-quote-left I can not say enough about this company! My husband and I purchased a home and just moved in recently. From day one Kevin was so helpful, informative, professional and dedicated, and all that without being the least bit pushy. Once we decided on the home we wanted, Debra was unbelievable on keeping me informed, answering all my questions and just always being on top of everything. The home is beautiful, we are beyond excited and are so happy to have our dream home. I have heard so many bad experiences from friends who purchased from other companies, and I was so worried about how the whole process would go, ultimately I had nothing to worry about. If a problem arises, they are right there to get you through it without any stress. Brandon and Randall are very knowledgeable and do everything they can to make things go quickly, and correctly. Thank you so much to all of you for helping us move into our dream home!! icon-quote-righ

– Amanda Parrott via Google Reviews – January 2017-

Amanda chose this coastal cottage for her lakefront property – how perfect!

icon-quote-left My wife and I bought a home from Affordable Homes earlier this year. From the very beginning I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff. We always felt as if our needs were their needs. Always felt welcomed even after our multiple visits to look at floor plans before we committed to purchasing the home. Kevin and Debra helped us through every step, Starting with deciding which home fit our needs, getting financing and jumping the hurdles to get this all done including dealing with the zoning and permits department. We love our new home and I am so glad we chose Affordable Homes to make our dream of home ownership come true. I will always recommend anyone looking to purchase a manufactured home to come by and experience the same as I did. icon-quote-ri

– David Keller via Facebook – December 2016 –

The Keller family has room-to-roam in this stunning 5 bed – 3 bath home!

icon-quote-left All of the people here were a pleasure to do business with and they were able to get us into our home without any problems. Special thanks to our salesman Kevin and also Debra you both were a big help. Beautiful home, we love it! icon-quote-ri

– Jonathan Gregg via Facebook & Google – December 2016 –

icon-quote-left A friend of mine recently had a trailer fire and lost everything that she had in that trailer and her grandfather was gracious enough to buy a repossessed dwelling from your establishment and I have to say that she is so happy with what she has she cannot sing your praises enough and I just want to thank you for putting a bright spot back into her life. Thank you! icon-quote-ri

– Jennifer Mayo via Facebook – December 2016 –

icon-quote-left The overall care, thoroughness, dedication, knowledge, and pride Affordable Homes of Crestview has for providing a quality product and addressing customers’ needs and overall experience is the best I’ve seen in any line of work for a very long time. If you are in the market for a manufactured home, Affordable Homes of Crestview will meet the needs of your family, hands down, for the best bang for your buck.

Toward the end of 2015, my wife and I decided that we wanted to realign our finances in a way that would provide us more leverage to enjoy our lives. The most worthwhile action we capitalized on was purchasing a manufactured home. We determined our key component would be finding a home for the best value. The structural and overall construction quality of a home was just as important to us as the cosmetic quality. After months of researching building codes, manufactures, and determining which manufactures go above and beyond minimum codes, we wound up at Affordable Homes of Crestview.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Kevin who began showing us around. Immediately, we were relieved to have a sales associate who knew the industry and could distinguish their product (this was not our first location). He thoroughly explained the superior structural and mechanical integrity that each home had to offer while we looked around. Essentially, we came to realize that Affordable Homes of Crestview offered us a phenomenal value by providing a short-list of the most renowned selection of homes, with the most favorable floor plans and design, entirely from suppliers who have superior manufacturing practices and customer service.

Once we picked our home, we were pleasantly surprised at the extensive list of options and colors that were available for customization. Having physical examples in their office made this process easy. In addition, Affordable Homes of Crestview was able to coordinate a few minor changes we requested with the manufacturer. Upon signing the paperwork, Debra took charge and did a great job guiding us through the loan processing and closing phase. I tend to be a little rough around the edges, so even though this process was different than what my wife and I were traditionally accustomed to, I was thoroughly impressed with professionalism and dedication from both Debra and Randall by making this as seamless as possible.

Our home delivery went smooth with no problems. The subcontractor, which Affordable Homes of Crestview utilized, was in constant contact with me, alleviating any possible issue that would delay our delivery in terms of site prep and permitting. Once we received our CO from the county, Chip was there to facilitate initiating utilities into the home, check for any immediate issues, and create an initial punch-out. Skirting and steps were scheduled and executed in a timely manner. Toward the end of the designated punch-out period, he revisited us to ensure that everything was still copacetic. In addition to a few minor touch-ups, he submitted the appropriate punch-out items to the manufacturer through Daniel. Daniel coordinated the designated repairs with the manufacturer, ensuring our needs were addressing in an acceptable and timely manner. icon-quote-ri

– Kenneth Geisler via Facebook & Google – December 2016 –

Sarah & Kenny customized the Cheyenne and made it their own – the results were stunning!

icon-quote-left I am taking this time to let you know that after eight months of owning our home we are very happy with our purchase. We are very impressed with the quality of our home after living in it for the time we have. We did have some minor service issues that were fixed timely and professionally. The energy packaged upgrade, that was advised, has proved to be a very good investment. Our power bills are definitely lower than expected.

The McClelland team that moved and set up our home, were exceptional. They also prepared our property from a raw wooded lot and did an outstanding job with that as well. Even though they were extremely busy Sandy always communicated very well with us.

From the beginning and throughout the process Kevin and Debra with your team were terrific to work with. Kevin was not a pressure salesman and encouraged us to look at, shop around, and compare other homes. He was very confident of the homes he had shown us. He was always able to get us answers if he did not have the answer. We felt that he was honest, responsive and respectful to all of our questions and concerns. Debra has a strong background and knowledge in real estate and was very helpful in several important situations. She too is a really good communicator, always returning calls when she said she would, giving the information she had obtained. I am confident that without them on your team we would not have made this purchase.

Our home is everything that we were hoping that it would be for us. We are very appreciative to your team for the honesty and professionalism shown to us thru the entire process. Thank you very much and best regards. icon-quote-right

– Jim & Dorothy Lockman – February 2016 –

icon-quote-left Affordable Homes of Crestview had me and my wife set up and ready to move onto our 15 acres with no hassle. Randall, Kevin and Brandon are truly looking out for their customers and aren’t just strangers after the sale. I needed 1/2 acre cleared with septic, water well and electricity to make this our home sweet home and also 100 ft of rock laid down for a drive way. With their connections I was able to have all of this done with ease. So if you and your family or spouse are looking to get a mobile home I would not think twice about Clayton or Family Home Center . . . Affordable Homes of Crestview is the way to go! icon-quote-right

– Julian Pons via Google Reviews – January 2016 –

icon-quote-left We had the BEST outcome in the WORST situation possible. I love these people, I love our new home.

Due to travel for work, my husband and I were on two totally different sides of the United States. Our property in Alabama, my husband all over the U.S. and me in California.

We had been talking about a new home, because of the age of our old mobile home. Every time my husband would travel near this region, he would stop and check on our home and property. During one visit home, he went by Affordable Homes in Crestview and looked at some places and also looked several other places. Affordable Homes was by far the most welcoming, they took an interest in what our needs were and what our wants were. They went thru several models with him, pointing out the differences in each model, such as stud sizes in the outer and inner walls, insulation, the differences in roofs, special or regular windows, flooring, lighting, appliances, building materials that were used and how energy efficient each model was.

My husband picked the one out he thought I would like, sent those pics to me by text, then sent pics of 2 others. Sure enough I picked the one that he thought I would. Now for the hard part, financing with us 3 time zones apart. Affordable Homes said, “no problem, we will do everything we can to help make this happen.” And they did! My husband was given a list of stuff we needed to provide, he sent it to me, I gathered it and faxed the info to Debra. They got the financing done, and while Kevin and my husband talked in person or on the phone about specifics, Debra worked with me on getting the insurance in South Baldwin County which isn’t easy after all the hurricanes.

Got all that done and my husband had to go sign papers, Debra overnighted papers, I signed them, overnighted them back, if I remember I think something had to be notarized before sending it back, but got it all done, and I held my breath and crossed my fingers and toes! The finance company verified things, got it!! Yayyy!!

Now for any customizations…. We took out a bedroom, shortened a wall, doubled the living room size, walled up an extra closet making the closet on the other side of the wall double deep, moved the furnace and took out a window… Phew!!! “Can we do all that?” I asked Debra. After faxing the final changes to her. She said she’d submit them. And she did. A week or so later ( it wasn’t long ) Kevin called said he had received the final plans (blueprints) and they were gonna start building our home.

Poor Debra, I called her or emailed her sometimes 6 times a day!!! Asking for updates or things I’d forgotten, she always returned the calls or emails with enthusiasm and if she couldn’t take the call or wasn’t there, Kevin did. They were super nice, never had attitude or acted like my 500 questions were a bother in any way.

Finally! Setting up a delivery date! I was gonna fly back but had to have an unexpected surgery! I’m stuck in California, catastrophe!!! ???

Nope. No problem, they got it scheduled for when my husband could be here, worked around his work schedule. Their subcontractors for delivery got with us and kept us informed of everything, we were in constant contact with them, inspectors, electricians, etc. and the septic had to be perked again since it was a new manufactured home being moved in to replace the old one, and we had to have the old one moved off. Got all the permits and everything done.

Morning of the move, my husband Face-timed me so I could see it being site prepped and delivered. It was an all day affair and there’s a lot more to it then I ever knew! (They had to trim a few extra limbs off my favorite flowering tree and were very careful.)

Now neither of us were available, more inspections, we recruited a friend to let them in and some repairs had been scheduled, cracked sheet-rock, from being moved and a few loose tiles, light kits being put up, ice makers hooked up, stove hooked up, water and electric etc, then they met with my husband when he came back, those repairs were made, with no problems.

We flew back finally in December and got moved in, the house is beautiful. I absolutely love it. We have a few things on the punch list that will need to be fixed, we will turn that in this month, but I foresee no problems with this as they have done everything they said they would, plus have gone way further then the extra mile.

We do not doubt if they tell us something, it will be taken care of. We’re very grateful to Debra and Kevin for all the time to educate us on the home and its properties, and mostly for being so sweet and on top of everything. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and continuing to do so. And thank you for letting us know how much you appreciate our business.

I’ve taken you through the whole process, now go see Debra and Kevin, we can’t recommend them enough. icon-quote-right

– Sheri (Nana) Taylor via Facebook – January 2016 –

icon-quote-left We haven’t decided yet to purchase a mobile home; but so far these guys were really wonderful compared to all the other places we went. I felt like they really listened to what we were looking for. It was worth the drive from Panama City, FL for sure. The quality of little things like cabinets, stainless steel, finished walls, molding etc…all for the same price as other places we looked at. Plus, if you check the web for complaints, you won’t find any, unlike the other big seller of mobile homes in our area. The owner/salesman were incredibly knowledgeable about how these things are built including being hurricane approved for the wind in our area. I left feeling like these guys believe in what they are doing and actually care that you don’t get a piece of junk. If I were to buy today – Affordable Homes of Crestview is the place, hands down (and we have been to 5 dealerships) icon-quote-right

– C. Wray MHS CAP CAADC via Google Reviews – July 2015 –

  As a first time home buyer, I had a lot of questions and concerns with what has been my biggest purchase to date. Since this is my first house, I had a fairly tight budget, but Ranch USA Homes was able to find me a pretty awesome new home that was just with in my budget. I did have a hiccup or two with some of the paperwork when we were closing the deal, but it was nothing serious and I appreciated the time and effort made to get me into the home I wanted. The fact that they are locally owned and operated meant a lot to me too.  

– Cory D. via Google Reviews – May 2015 –

 icon-quote-left Well, let me see where do I begin. We were looking for a new manufactured home and had driven several hundred miles looking. Our last stop was in Crestview, FL. At first we were looking to see what was available to look at. We saw RANCH USA sitting there and we decided to stop as we were liking what we saw from the road.

WOW!!! This was heaven sent. We were greeted with such enthusiasm that we were there and that all they wanted to do was help us find what we were looking for. We had looked other places but the ideas we had and wanted in our home would have cost a fortune. We found that most of those things came already installed in the home. Like the sheet rock walls and the beautiful crown molding . Just to mention a couple of things. Randall and Brandon couldn’t have been nicer. They spent as much time as we needed to help us make our decisions. It was so awesome to have so many choices to choose from and to be able to choose the type of appliances and colors of different things in our home. We were so excited for our new home to get done.

Financing was readily available, and we didn’t have to wait to find out we were approved if we wanted to go that way. Everything moved along without any problems. Randall stayed on top of things for us. He would call us sometimes during the process and say “Hey I remember in the beginning that you said you would like to have this in your new home. Do you still want that.” We really appreciated that. As usual we had forgotten a few things.

We are in our new home now and we are loving it! We couldn’t be prouder!! We never miss a chance to tell someone where we got our home from. I truly believe that you will not find a better place to buy. The folks at Ranch USA are AWESOME!!!!! They treated us like family and it was done right. We were even served homemade cookies one afternoon right out of the oven by Randall’s lovely wife, Sashie.

I am not saying we didn’t have any problems.Those were mainly related to the weather but everything was done in their power to keep us on schedule. Everyone we had contact with during this process were awesome and their goal was to do it right the first time so as not to cause any delays. I could go on and on. But all good things have to come to an end sometime. You won’t be sorry you went to Ranch USA. Just tell them Tom and Debbie sent you! They will take care of the rest. Thanks Randall!!!!  icon-quote-right

– Deborah (and Tom) Killingsworth via Facebook – January 2015 –

Deborah and Tom fell in love with The Eldorado and chose our Energy Star Package complete with The Nest intelligent thermostat.

 icon-quote-left  I’m not one to leave reviews but I was amazed by this company. Ranch USA Homes really worked hard to get me in a new mobile home. I had challenging credit to say the least and because of my credit I was turned down by multiple banks. Ranch USA Homes never gave up on me and fought to get me into a home. It did not happen over night and I would be lying if I said my patience wasn’t tested with the bank, but I’m in my home today because of them. After the home was finished, the owner of the company came out to meet us and go over all of my warranties, they are really great people. This was a huge step for me because I am a single father and I was really trying to get my kids in a nice place.  icon-quote-right 

– Jack Robinson via Google Reviews – February 2015 –

  This business has some great owners with true honest values. The small selection of homes on their lot are the most beautiful designs in the area. Perfect for customizing whatever you have in mind for your home. We are in the works to get our first home from them early next year.  

– Kenny E. via Google Reviews – February 2015 –

 icon-quote-left After visiting several dealers and looking at several homes, I decided to deal with Ranch USA Homes. The first thing that made me decide to go with Ranch USA Homes was the quality of the homes they had on the lot. After checking out the models they had, I decided to go with the 5 bedrooms and 3 full baths home known as the Durango. Some of the items that made me go with Ranch USA Homes were the 2×6 exterior walls along with the very good storm windows installed in their homes. I also like the fact of the whole house wrap and the 1/2 sheet rock and not wallboard like most have. Also they install hardier board in the soffit and fascia. This is cement board and will not rot only will require some painting in time. After talking with the sales person at Ranch USA Homes, I made the decision to go with the gold energy star rated home to include heavy installation and a smart thermostat. I also added 9 walls and metal on the roof. After living in the house for two months the electric bill is around $150.00 a month and very comfortable in the house, keep in mind this home is almost 2300 sq feet. Also we are getting a rebate back from CHELCO for having an energy efficient home, how great is that!!!!!!!! The service we have received from both Ranch USA Homes and the factory, as been nothing but great. The factory has come out two times to address little issues with the house and they go above what you ask them. Also the factory gives you a phone number to call if you find anything else after they leave and they will come back. I highly recommend both Ranch USA Homes and Destiny Homes. icon-quote-right 

– Mike via Yahoo Reviews August 2014 –

 icon-quote-left After shopping several different places for homes, we visited Ranch USA Homes and found the perfect home. It was fun looking at the many available options of colors and floor plans. Brandon was there to help us with every question we had and kept us informed of progress. The customer service was excellent as everyone there is so helpful and friendly. We are now in our wonderful new home in the colors and options we designed and LOVE it!!!! It was actually a fun experience buying the home and has told everyone of our great experience at Ranch USA Homes. We are so pleased with our quality home and the services provided and will recommend them to anyone thinking of buying a home.  icon-quote-right 

– Ann via Yahoo Reviews – August 2014 –

 icon-quote-left We checked out a couple places selling mobile homes in the Crestview area and were extremely pleased with our purchase from Ranch USA Homes. My wife really liked one from a different company but in the end we were so happy we ended up at Ranch USA Homes. They customized it to our exact liking and had the absolute best customer service. Only downfall was their small display of homes on the lot but we ended up ordering a custom home that was better than expected and included everything we wanted. Also they had very knowledgeable staff that we didn’t see in any other business we visited. We would highly recommend.  icon-quote-right 

– K. via Yahoo Reviews – March 2014 –

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