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Working Together To Find The Perfect Location

If you’re interested in purchasing a home on land you own or purchasing land for your new manufactured home ⎯ Call or Visit Affordable Homes of Crestview. Our home specialists are knowledgeable about local markets and can assist you to identify available building sites and create the perfect home to compliment your building lot and lifestyle . . . After all, this is our hometown too!

Move Towards Your Dreams

At Affordable Homes of Crestview we want to make it easy for you to find your little piece of heaven. Simply click on the buttons below to view vacant land – zoned for manufactured homes – in the designated counties to suit your lifestyle and budget. If you are looking for a particular area not found on the information links, please contact us and we will provide!


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How to Select the Right Building Lot for Your New Manufactured Home

Location! Location! Location! We’ve all heard it said a million times, but never is this phrase more important than when you are selecting the site for your new manufactured home from Affordable Homes of Crestview. Finding the perfect lot for your dream home comes down to doing your research to see what’s available as well as knowing your needs and wants.

Where You Look is Where You’ll Live

Before you do anything else, you have to select a target area for your home. This may sound simple, but many people begin their land search with only a vague idea of where they would like to build and quickly become frustrated by poor search results. Or they fall in love with a great tract with an amazing view only to realize it is way too far away from family, friends and work. Northwest Florida is way too vague. If you are serious about your affordable dream home, you first have to hone in on a small geographic area that you find desirable – and that fits your budget.

The quality of schools, ease of commuting and a lot of other factors contribute to a town’s desirability, and this is reflected in land prices. If you are absolutely sure that there is only one town where you and your family will be happy, then by all means focus your efforts on finding a lot within that one area. A better strategy is usually to have one target town and be open to one or two neighboring communities that have similar amenities and great access to your preferred location. A little flexibility about zip code can save a lot of money.

Size Does Matter

Are you willing to live with less land to save twenty minutes on your daily commute? Do you really need ten acres for the modest manufactured home you plan to buy? Exactly how close will you be to the neighbors? How much acreage you can afford will depend largely on the area you are targeting. Always remember that the more you spend on land, the less you have to spend on your home.

The size of your chosen lot will affect more than just the cost of your land. It will have a large impact on the curb appeal of your future home, and more importantly your lifestyle.


Get The Most Out Of Your Property Assets

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